Who am I …

What’s up everybody, my name is Michael but you can call me MJ.

Thank you for visiting my site today. Just a little bit about myself…I grew up in a small town. I graduated high school and my participation in sports allowed me to receive a full Athletic Scholarship. I lived on campus all four years. After earning my degree, I returned home. This is where my young adult life would take shape and after a couple of life-changing events, I decided to move to California.

I grew up just minutes away for New York City and I couldn’t help but to be inspired by the bright lights and fast pace of NYC.

However, I will say SoCal has its pros and cons. It offers both slow and fast pace (and everything in between). Los Angeles and New York are both one in the same, so no complaints there. Not to mention every time the sun shines on a hot day in the middle of December, I remind myself that I’d much rather enjoy some fun in the sun instead of deal with winter storms and shoveling snow.

One of these days I’ll go into more detail about that so make sure you subscribe today.

I’ve always had a creative mind but when ideas and random thoughts come up, finding the right outlet is sometimes challenging. As a kid, I favored Creative Writing and as I got older I started to realize that writing brought me peace.

I’ve been “Blogging” for years but it was always one of those things that never really stuck until recently. I started blogging again because I was in need of a blank space to vent.

My blog started out as a space for me to just write, decompress, and express what was on my mind…

So like most creatives I started a blog. In today’s world where sharing and connecting is a part of everyday life, I was also looking for Social Media outlets where I could feel comfortable and confident posting when I want and how I want. I use Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook like the rest of the world, but those popular social media sites can become overstimulating at times.

Since society has an attention span of about 8 seconds, I decided to refocus my energy on making content that allows me to create, motivate, and inspire.

My blog started out as a space for me to write, decompress, and express what was on my mind. It was for my personal use only. Since then, it has evolved into so much more and The Social Introvert was born.

At the end of the day I know some will like my content, and some won’t. Some will find me interesting, while others may think I’m boring…but that’s the joy I get from creating. You never know who you’ll reach and the positive impact it may have on another person’s life. And for that reason alone is more than enough to keep me writing.