Mowins Sets Milestone

The NFL season kicked off last week and as excited as I was about football returning, I didn’t get the chance to watch any of the Monday Night match-ups, specifically the Los Angeles Chargers vs Denver Broncos. Apparently, the games weren’t the only thing I missed. This morning as I was catching up on my Twitter feed, I came across a tweet from the New York Times that drew my attention. ESPN debuted their new Monday Night Football crew featuring former NFL Head Coach Rex Ryan and distinguished sports journalist and play-by-play announcer Beth Mowins. In doing so, Mowins became the first woman in NFL history to call a Monday Night game, and the second to cover an NFL game (Gayle Sierens, NBC Sports 1987).

If you ask me this is a big milestone, but after further reading the tweet/article it became clear that others disagree.  The article displayed several miscellaneous tweets from men on Twitter complaining about Mowins’ voice, saying it was annoying and even compared it to a nagging ex-wife.  I thought to myself, really…wow, that’s a bit extreme. It amazes me the platform social media allows people like this to have.  Unbelievable that there are men (and women) criticizing Mowins for doing what she loves and working her craft.  If you’re a real fan of the game, you respect the game and everything that comes along with it; the broadcasters, announcers, sideline reporters, they’re all a part of the game!

In a snippet from an interview with another respected female broadcaster, the article made a mention that some men turn to sports to get a break from women.  If that’s not the most outlandish thing I’ve ever heard LOL. It’s contradictory in SOOO many ways! Kinda hard to believe that men turn to sports to get a break from women (especially football). When was the last time these men complained about the cheerleaders/dancers on the sidelines? Or the skimpy, cropped top wearing bartender/waitress serving up beer at their local sports bar? I’m pretty sure there are no complaints there.

As I continued reading the more I couldn’t help but think, “was she really that bad?” So as I always do when I miss something, I took to YouTube to see if there were any clips of the broadcast so I could decide for myself; and of course, YouTube never lets me down!  I watched and listened, and within a matter of minutes, I found absolutely nothing wrong with how Mowins spoke or sounded!  If anything she has a strong commanding voice, perfect for the NFL!  These guys doing the complaining are just weak and probably intimated by the fact that a female has the ability to do this job just as good as any male.

If “hate” was a corporation business would be booming!  Why do men put women down when it comes to sports? If you’re a real sports fan then you know for decades women and men, whether an athlete, broadcaster or sideline reporter, they all talk with the same lingo, verbiage, pitch, whatever…its all the same.  The job is to deliver color commentary while analyzing the game and that’s exactly what she did. I commend ESPN & Mowins for reaching this milestone.  She should do more games and ixnay the haters because haters will be haters. It’s what they do best.