Tony Romo Heads to CBS

For most athletes retirement leads directly to broadcasting as it allows them to stay connected to the sport at which they excelled while showcasing their expertise from a different perspective.  But there’s always the question of, “How good will they actually be?”

Ex-Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo retired this off-season and is now indulging in his new role as CBS’ Lead Analyst.  As much as I wanted Romo to suck at his new gig, being a Giants fan, he’s actually pretty good.

The first time I heard him call a game, I didn’t even realize it was him. I didn’t listen to a lot of his post-game interviews in his playing days so I really wasn’t too familiar with what his voice. Surprisingly, Romo delivers color commentary in a unique way that has you feeling like your shooting the breeze with the guys. He definitely brings a new flavor and life to the game’s commentary, almost in the essence of the legendary John Madden.

He’s by far not even close to filling Madden’s shoes but he does bring the same vibe to the game with his knowledge and his expertise as a successful NFL quarterback.

Written by Michael Jereld

Freelance Content Creator and Podcaster sharing relatable life experiences and the latest Sports, Entertainment, Lifestyle, and Tech news.
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