Who am I and Why am I Here?

Learning The Fundamentals | Day 1

Who am I and Why am I Here?

In an attempt to start this blogazine off on the right foot, I took a look at some of the courses provided by WordPress Blogging University.  I didn’t want to overindulge starting out, but I was still excited to learn more so to start out I chose a few of their Beginner courses.  Here are the beginner courses I choose.

  • Blogging: Fundamentals
  • Photography: Developing Your Eye I

There are several more to choose from, but I figured these two would be good for starters.

My name Michael, but my family and friends call me either Mike or MJ. I’m an African-American male that grew up in a small town in New Jersey. I survived the odds of being trapped in a world that’s surrounded by drugs, alcohol, domestic violence, drive-by shootings, murders, theft, bullying, poverty and just about any other negative thing one could think of. Now don’t get me wrong, outside of that small town, there are some great places that make New Jersey a great state! But like most states, it has its good neighborhoods and it has its bad.

I lived in New Jersey until I graduated high school. I got a full athletic scholarship which led me to a college in upstate New York, where I lived on campus my freshman and sophomore year. After the fall semester of my sophomore year I ended up transferring and back to New Jersey, I went. After college, I remained in the Tri-State area for a few years until I decided to move to California about 8 years ago. Growing up in the fast-paced New York/New Jersey area highly influenced my life in so many different ways, that I’ll save all those details for another post. Although I miss that lifestyle, California is a very large state that offers slow pace, fast pace, and everything in between; so I kinda get the best of both worlds.

Being 3,000 miles away from family and friends can be depressing at times. However, every time the sun shines brightly on a scorching hot day in the middle of December, I’m reminded that I’d much rather be enjoying California’s fun-in-the-sun laid-back lifestyle rather than preparing for winter storms and shoveling snow. Being so far away from family and friends, availability starts to play a role in staying connected and being in a different time zone doesn’t always help either. Being 3-hrs behind has its advantages and disadvantages but for the most part, in order to stay connected, the timing has to be just right.

So I started blogging because sometimes I just need to vent. I’ve always had a creative, wondering mind and when ideas and/or random thoughts come up, finding the right person to talk to just sometimes isn’t there. As a kid, I always liked creative writing and as I got older the idea of blogging always seemed to bring me peace. Most of the time I would keep my post private because it was more of a space for me to just write, decompress and express whatever was on my mind. In today’s world where sharing and connecting are a part of everyday life, especially when it comes to social media, I just needed to find a social outlet that I was comfortable with sharing things that some might consider personal and private.

I user Facebook, Twitter and Instagram like everyone else in this world but its something about the more popular social media sites that make me feel like their over stimulating in sharing and invasive (to an extent). In my opinion, social media has grown into something superficial and gives people looking for attention a public platform to indirectly say, “Look at me!”, “Look at what I’m doing!” or “Look at where I’m at!”.

I’ve always looked at social media as a platform to share opinions, thoughts, and precious moments with family and friends (which it still is); nowadays, it’s so not that. Reading is still a lost art to some and in a society that has an attention span 8 secs long. That’s why I like blogging. Whether you have a personal blog, are a startup company, a small business owner launching a website or an artist using this platform as your way of sharing your content, blogging feels like a “less” superficial more personal way to entertain readers and connect with different audiences.

Some may like what I post, some may not. Some may find me boring and some may find me interesting. But that’s the glory in blogging and not knowing…you never know who your words may touch and the impact a post may have on someone’s life.

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