Update Title and Tagline

Today’s assignment is to update the title and tagline for my site.  I don’t know why but for whatever reason my site/blog has been active for a decent amount of time now and I still haven’t settled on a title/tagline.  I’ve made so many changes since the initial creation that it is driving me nuts.  What’s even worse is that I started this course back in October of last year and I’m just now getting back into it.  I started the course with the right mindset but eventually slacked off and here I am today, picking up where I left off.

I don’t want to waste time here listing all the names and slogans that have come and gone because that would be a long list.  The one title that I did create, I liked it for a while.  The Social Introvert seemed fitting and I could easily identify myself with it.  It was personal and described part of who I am.  I liked it some much that I attempted to use it as branding for my Podcast, YouTube Channel, Twitter, and Instagram account.  Not sure exactly at what point I decided to move on from that title, but I did.  The brain-storm hit and here I am, back to square one.

I think the main reason why I shied away from using The Social Introvert was I could decide on a logo.  As much as the title fit my personality, I found myself not be able to settle on a logo design that would do the same.

The cover design for my podcast is simple.  I’m somewhat of a minimalist.  I like things clean and uniform.  But there’s also the creative side of me that felt like this design could be boring and only appeal to like-minded introverts.  I mean, obviously that’s the point right, is to attract a “like-minded” audience, however, I don’t want to create a limitation.  I want my existence through all social media platforms to show that introverts can be social too.   Hey, maybe I should just use that as my tagline?

Well, I just changed my site title and tagline back to The Social Introvert.  Maybe its time for a second go at the logo design.