Blogging Fundamentals: Titles and Taglines

Today I was tasked with updating the title and tagline for my site in today’s assignment. Although my site has been live for some time, I still haven’t been able to decide on a title or tagline. I’ve made a lot of changes over time, and it drives me nuts.

I could waste time listing all the title and tagline combinations but that would be quite boring. However, there was one title that I liked for a while (The Social Introvert). I liked The Social Introvert because I can identify with it and it pretty much sums up who I am. No matter how hard I tried to ditch that title, I kept coming back to it.

I think the main reason why I shied away from using The Social Introvert was because I couldn’t decide on a logo. As much as the title fit my personality, I found myself unable to settle on a design that would do the same. I’m a minimalist, and my original podcast cover design was simple. However, the creative side of me felt like that design could be a little boring and only appeal to like-minded people. Although I’m here to create, motivate, and inspire a like-minded audience, I hope to reach everyone.

Well, I just updated my site title back to The Social Introvert and I think I just came up with a tagline.