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The Social Media Effect

We all love and use social media to some degree, but where do you draw the line?

Last night was Opening Night of the NBA so this morning I listened to some sports talk radio on my way into work.  While listening, an aspect of today’s society came up which led to a discussion about social media has us obsessed with taking pictures of our food, and how receiving an actual phone call triggers a panic that we assume automatically comes with bad news attached.

The host of the show I was listening to continued on how his children get upset when he says, no phones allowed at the dinner table.  He also mentioned and admitted to how obsessed they are with posting pictures of their food on Instagram whenever they dine out at restaurants.

I will agree and say that social media has somewhat created the “Look at me and what I’m doing or where I am” generation.

The host also mentioned how social media gives everyone a sense of entitlement and increases everyone’s urge and desire to be seen.  Today, there are so many different platforms to use (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, etc.) that being seen is so much easier than its ever been. He actually continued on and brought up a good point which I agree with 100%.  It’s like today, no one talks face-to-face anymore; especially when it comes to Facebook.

Whatever happened to just telling someone in person that you love them?  Nowadays it’s like a person’s words doesn’t carry any weight unless it’s posted on Facebook for the public to see.  It’s actually pretty sad how disagreements and fights derive from things posted on social media; which now is the standard way of communicating.

Hearing them talk about this on the radio for the few minutes, just reiterated how times have dramatically changed and may not necessarily be for the better. People are so consumed with their devices nowadays that some forget to be in the moment, which to me is more important than fulfilling the need to contribute to a social media timeline.

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