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Stranger Things 2

NetFlix Original Stranger Things back for a second season.

For the past few months, we’ve been teased with trailers and posts all over social media and the day has finally come. Season 2 of Stranger Things officially released today, October 27 at 12am. Over the past few days, I’m sure for the hardcore fans, the anticipation of the release just grew and grew.

Having a Friday release is almost guaranteed to have everyone binge-watching the show over the weekend. Let’s just pray and hope the Stranger Things craze doesn’t cause NetFlix to go down or have the slightest lag in streaming.

Unlike most, I didn’t stay up till midnight to start my binging last night.  Instead, that feet will begin tonight and I’m so looking forward to it!  What a perfect way to start the Halloween weekend with the perfect show to send you spiraling thru the upside down.

WATCH NOW: Seasons 1-3 available on NetFlix.

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