Creating Content

Developing content for my website, keeping up with my Twitter timeline, occasionally posting to Instagram, and staying in touch on Facebook all while trying to launch a YouTube channel can be a tall order and too much to manage, right?

Things can seem to get a bit tricky when it comes to creating and posting original content.  I think I have a pretty good system in place right now, as far as where I get inspiration for content, but I definitely have my days where I’m stumped and just don’t know what to type and/or post.

I stare off, gazing, imagining, hoping the words will magically come to me, but they don’t. Sometimes I’m pretty good at moving on; then there are other times when I’ll obsess over an idea.  Then I realize, the more I think the less I type.  I’ll sometimes come up with random design ideas, then become obsessed with how to customize my site.  Before I know it days and months have passed and I’ve got nothing to show for it.

It’s one thing if you follow the news or what’s trending on social media, creating a buzz off of new content is a battle within itself.  But then again, I guess that’s the difference between interesting and mediocre writing.

Written by Michael Jereld

Freelance Content Creator and Podcaster sharing relatable life experiences and the latest Sports, Entertainment, Lifestyle, and Tech news.
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