It’s Monday morning, about 65 degrees outside right now but the high for today is supposed to get up to about 87 degrees. This morning waking up to my 5-month-year-old son cuddling in bed with my wife and I is so relaxing and hard to leave. The only thing I could think about this morning was, “Is it time for a day off?”

Just the idea of being able to wake up with no plans and just enjoy the day is my kinda day.  Being able to just go for a long walk or chill on the beach with a nice cold drink sounds like bliss; but I’m easily brought back to reality as I sit down at my desk at the office preparing to eat my breakfast, check emails and log-in to start work.

It sucks as parents that we have to work so much. Sometimes I just wish I could take a few days to be with my family. My next day off isn’t until the Thanksgiving holiday which is about 6 weeks away. Highly doubt I’ll make it till then; already feel a vacation day waiting in the mist.

“Funny thing is I originally drafted this post about a month ago, and here I am, Monday morning, wishing I had the day off (again)…”

Here I am again, Monday morning, looking back on this and seeing not much has changed in the past month.  The only thing that’s different is it’s about 55º degrees out now with a high for today of 77º, my son is now 6-months old and is crazy by day and insomniac by night. That’s not to be taken literally, but if you’ve ever had the joy of caring for a 6-month old baby I’m sure you can relate.

Once again, I pondered this morning if today would be the day I would call out, but just like most Mondays I rationalized and convinced myself of the work I need to get done and somehow end up at my desk.  Thanksgiving is now a week from Thursday, I’ve yet to take a day off and I’m getting delirious.  I requested some time off the last week of December because pairing it with the Christmas and New Year’s holidays it would allow me to have 10-days with my wife and son at the expense of only taking 4-days off.

Ten days sounded amazing at first (thinking I’d have all the time in the world to relax, have a few drinks, kick back and enjoy the holidays) but what would a vacation be without having some kind of errands to run or events to go to. Within those 10-days, there’s obviously Christmas, the most wonderful time of the year!  Then just 2-days after Christmas my wife’s brother is getting married and after that, there’s a slight chance of having a few days of R&R (uninterrupted I hope).  Then once the weekend hits, my wife and I are toying with the idea of catching a quick flight to the Bay Area for a flyby overnight “date night” to quickly celebrate and ring in the New Year!  I know, sounds crazy but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do!

Although there are only about 3-4 days of actual “downtime”, it should be an eventful fun holiday break.  Yes, I’m calling it a “break” now because what I just described above is not exactly what I would call a vacation but I’m definitely going to make the best of it that’s for sure!  Well, that’s it for my Monday morning rant, just got to take things one day at a time…is it Friday yet?