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Black Friday

For most people, Black Friday is the holy grail day for shopping, mega sales, promos and every other discount under the sun.  It’s a day that ignites Christmas shopping as deals are so insane that customers look forward to this day every year!  But what you don’t know about this annual event is there are two sides to every story.

For all the excitement, panic and joy that goes on this day for your average customers, retailers plan and strategize with pinpoint precision to execute marketing plans in hopes for BIG sales.

Most people don’t know that the Thanksgiving tradition of Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping is one of the most important days in the Retail field. So important that the outcome of total sales for this 3-day window can make or break a company big time! Yes, these 3-days of shopping can easily become dangerous territory if you’re not moving product.

With the advancement of technology, companies rise and fall as they struggle to remain relevant. The intensity of this holiday weekend is felt from all its employees; from the front line, all the way to the top executives; everyone is on edge but with a laser-like focus. There’s a lot of dedication, planning and strategizing that goes into making this crazy weekend a success. So when you in the mist of the crazed rush, be mindful of the hard work of the employees, staff, and companies that make this day such a great tradition.

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