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Samsung Galaxy Note 8

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 first begin taking pre-orders back in August and units begin to ship out to consumers as early as September!

Just for the record, this is not an “official” review or anything like that.  As much as I like reviews, sometimes going over all the specs and features in detail are just quite boring and can be too much at times.  We all know they load these devices with tons of bells and whistles and unless you’re a “techie”, the average joe doesn’t care.  For the most part, consumers are just concerned with the look, feel, battery life, additional features, and accessories.


Unlike most, I didn’t get the phone right away.  I waited a couple months and here I am.  I immediately thought the screen was off the chain!  The infinity screen is HUGE!  The glass body gives the Note 8 a modern sleek look.  The phone feels lightweight and flawless right out of the box.  Right off the back though, you will need to invest in a case.  With the glass finish, it becomes a fingerprint magnet and considering the value, its worth it.


The camera is by far the best I’ve ever used on a mobile device or tablet, and that was decided just after a few clicks.  I took a few photos to see how the pictures would turn out and by all means believe the hype, the pictures are amazing!

Easy Screen Turn On. This feature has been around for some time, I just never really used it until now.  Who wouldn’t want a phone that allows you to check your notifications without actually having to pick up the phone? I know…its just as amazing as it sounds.

I haven’t used the S-Pen much on the Note 8 yet, but I will say the few times I’ve attempted to use it the S-Pen wasn’t easily accessible.  Keep in mind my phone is less than a week old (so I have had time to break it in) and I’m still getting used to the size and how it fits in my hand.  Definitely not a deal breaker.

I’m still exploring the Note 8 and I’m sure more cool surprises await, but so far I like what I see and would highly recommend this phone.

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