Top 5 Tips to Better Intimacy

We all so often get caught in the rat race that we tend to forget to slow down, live in the moment, and appreciate our significant others.  If you’re looking to spice things up or seek deeper intimacy with your significant other, follow these simple steps and you’ll be on your way.


You’re going to need your energy, so make a good meal together. If your feeling lucky, have a glass of wine, a drink or a shot. Cheers to the good life and enjoy a home-cooked sit-down meal together to get the evening started just right.


Before engaging with your partner, take a shower, take a bath, whatever you like to do. Don’t forget to shave specific areas as needed – Fellas trim, Ladies, wax! Feeling fresh and clean not only relaxes you, but it also increases your confidence and your partner will thank you later.


Light candles, have a glass of wine (maybe two), smoke a joint, whatever floats your boat. The goal here is to put your body at ease so it’s in its most relaxed state. Relax…Chill…nothing more, nothing less.


Netflix & chill never gets old no matter how old you are, just depends on the timing. When selecting a movie, go with a romantic comedy and don’t forget to make out during the movie. Yes…make out like your still in high school kissing under the bleachers. Reconnect with each other.


By all means, take your time to explore your partner’s body. This is about making them feel good, so pay attention to body language. Whether its cuddling, a romantic massage or kissing take your time. And when it comes to oral pleasures; neither party should go into it expecting anything in return. But if your partner does return the favor, go with the flow.

Pretty basic, right?

As mentioned earlier in this piece, take a moment to show and share your appreciation for your loved ones – you only live once!