Starting a Podcast…

During my time in undergrad as a Communications major, I learned about the different types of media channels, however my focus was mainly on Radio, TV and Film. I’ve always envisioned myself being on the radio, and with the growing popularity of Podcast, today just might be the day.

If I had a dollar for everytime I was told that I have a voice for radio I’d be rich.”

For the longest time I lost sight of that dream and have always wanted to start a podcast (or have my own radio show), but never knew how. Being a student-athlete, my passion for sports consumed a lot of my time and upon graduating I lost sight of that dream and never seriously pursued a career in radio…and I definitely never contemplated the idea of starting a podcast/radio show on my own. 

However, times have changed. After several years of wondering what if, and with the help of modern day tech, I’m able to pursue a lifelong dream. Once I discovered a few podcasting apps, the idea of creating my own show became surreal. The ideas began to flow, however, I’m thinking I can do something basic for now. Maybe something with 1-3 topics per episode. And if I spend at least 10 minutes on each topic, I’ll end up with a 30-min podcast.

Not eve really sure where I’ll do the recordings, but I’ll cross that bridge when I get there. Not even sure how often new content will be posted but for now well see how it goes.

To follow my podcasting journey you can listen to The Social Introvert available now on Spotify, Anchor, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Pocketcast, Castbox, and more. You can also listen to my most recent episodes by clicking here.