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Seeking Balance

Between family, friends, work, and time for yourself do you ever feel like there’s just not enough time in a day?

This is a constant uphill battle for some.

Right around 3:30pm is where my mind starts to wonder. As I approach the end of my workday, random chatter throughout the office distracts me, as I daydream and wonder what am I going to do once I get home?

This is the part of the day when I start thinking to myself, how can I be productive when I get home? Should I catch up on blog posts, work on my YouTube channel, or check-in with social media to see what’s trending?

This is also the part where my brain goes a million miles a second, and I become super motivated.

I found that since I’m more productive during the wee hours of the night, I try to collect my ideas throughout the week then let my mind run wild come Friday and Saturday night. All-nighters come and go, especially when the creative juices start flowing, but Friday and Saturday nights are when I really let go. I go wherever my imagination takes me. Although it can be quite chaotic, as my mind bounces ideas around like lottery balls, its when my creativity is at its peak.

During the week, my evenings consist of family time, a small window for exercise before dinner, and in the blink of an eye, its time for bed. Before you know it, my alarm is going off and back to work I go.

It’s a shame that life gets so busy that the days of the week become one big blur, and at times you have to remind yourself to slow down just to remember what day it is.

Finding a good work-life balance is part of life. Some of us have conquered it, while others struggle with it. Whether it’s building a happy home, maintaining productivity at work, or creating time for a social life, finding a good balance can be tricky. Just remember that by letting the good Lord lead the way, anything is possible.

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