Cover Art: Inspired

By definition, cover art is a type of artwork presented as an illustration or photograph on the outside of a published product such as a book, magazine, comic book, video game, music album, and more.

I mostly associated cover art with music albums and magazines. However, once I developed an interest in the art form, I quickly realized how this art can apply to many different products. Once I decided to start my podcast, one of my main tasks was to create an eye-catching cover that would appeal to potential listeners.

After valuable research and checking out other podcasts, I knew I wanted my cover art to be simplistic and easy on the eyes. I fell in and out of love with these designs, but once the wheels began to turn, various concepts evolved. Here are just a few designs that came together over time.

The Mixtape

The color scheme for this design was influenced by Jay-Z’s Blueprint III. I come from an era of Mixtapes and CD Mixes, so I tried to incorporate a little history. That alone made this idea cool enough for me, however I struggled connecting the mixtape concept to what my podcast was about. The end result still became a cool sample.


Living in Southern California, sunglasses are no longer an accessory item. Leaving your house without your sunglasses is like driving without a license. Not to mention, hiding behind sunglasses is a norm for introverts whenever we have to venture out into the public. Some wear them to compliment a look, while introverts use them to avoid eye contact with people they don’t want to speak to. I actually used this design in the early stages while I continued to develop my podcast.

Coffee & Caffeine

Since “The Social Introvert Podcast” was already taken, I played around with shortening the podcast title. The easiest way was to use the initials, and found the word “sip”. I could definitely use sipping coffee as an analogy for the topics and content I share on the podcast. However, I just didn’t feel a personal connection with these.