Madden 19 was released a little over three weeks ago on Friday, August 10.  My days of pre-ordering and grabbing franchise games like this are long gone. For one,  I’m a husband and a dad now so I try not to spend too much time (or should I say money)  gaming.  Now don’t get me wrong.  I still like to game in my spare time, I just don’t nearly invest as much time into it as I use to.

Back in the day, I’d purchase games the day they dropped, spend countless hours playing and getting familiar with new controls and features.  Nowadays, I’m usually months behind (sometimes years) by the time I actually get the latest games.  Since the games that I play the most typically get released around August and September, my strategy lately has been to stick it out until Black Friday and get the 2-for-1 deal, but this year was a little different.

I joined an online franchise league for the first time on Madden NFL 18 (about 3 months before the release of M19).  I jumped into this league pretty late as they were already 8 or so seasons deep.  Luckily, I got accepted, picked up a random team and started playing.  I was picking up where someone else left off so this was pretty much a trial/practice run before the league was renewed in M19.  Hence why this time around I needed to make sure I had the game if I wanted to score a team once the league was transitioned.

Fast forward to today.  I completed my 1st full season and my team sucks.  Or maybe I just suck.  Either way, I’ve only won 2 games thus far as the competition is strong.  It’s pretty common to suck your 1st few seasons especially if you have a bad team and/or new to playing.  My team does suck and I am a few years removed from the game so we’ll see how season 2 goes.

I’ve always enjoyed playing Franchise Mode especially as an Owner or a Player on my own.  As an Owner, it’s always fun to relocate and rebuild some of the not so popular NFL teams, and as a player, it’s exciting to “get in the game” and see how I’d do on the gridiron as an NFL QB.

Checkout my Madden NFL Career Franchise Series featuring highlights and gameplay on my YouTube Channel.