Happy New Year

As I look back on 2018, I started to realize some pretty cool things to commemorate the year.

For starters, in April my wife and I celebrated our son’s first birthday; and four months later I got the chance to go back to my home state [New Jersey]. My wife and I got the chance to catch up with my dad, brother, and a few close friends while we were in town.

We were there to celebrate the union of two mutual friends, who just so happen to have met at our wedding. Plus, we got the chance to spend some quality time in NYC (one of my favorite cities). Now that was pretty cool.

My wife and I also took our son on his first road trip to The Bay Area, and hit the road again as we made our way to the San Diego Zoo. I’ll admit, time does go by fast!

Right now though, I feel like crap. Just keeping it real. How I feel right now pretty much sums up how I’ve felt about the past few New Year’s. Or maybe I’m just mentally and physically drained of the whole countdown theatrics.

During the back half of 2018, I started creating more content for my website, podcast, and YouTube Channel. I’m still trying to decide whether or not if I’m trying to do too much? Or am I just a dreamer? What I do know is that with all these creative outlets, balancing family time, work, and personal projects, made me realize how much I have on my plate — slowly but surely bringing me back to reality.