Top Five: Imported Beers

My days of crushing 30-packs on Football Sundays with the homies are long gone. Besides, who has that much time to sit around and drink that much beer anyways?

But let’s not kid ourselves here. If you’re in your mid-to-late thirties, I’m sure you would agree that those days are over (especially if you have kids). Just for the record, I’m no beer connoisseur; I’m just a guy that occasionally likes a bold beer that’s not your typical watered-down thirst quencher. So whether you’re a heavy beer drinker, trying to cut back, tired of the watered-down domestic options, or just looking to expand your palette, here’s five of my personal favorites that’ll have you set after just one (or maybe two).

Sierra nevada

Alcohol Content | 7.2% by volume

The Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA is smooth yet bold. This beer won’t quench your thirst but its perfect for the weekend Grill-Master, BBQs, and lounging by the pool.


Alcohol Content | 7.2% by volume

Modelo Especial is a part of the Grupo Modelo family that includes other party favorites like Corona, Pacifico, and Victoria beer. Nothing beats an ice cold Modelo on a hot summer day. So if you need something that quenches your thirst AND packs more punch than your typical domestic options, you’ll want to give this traditional Mexican beer a try.


Alcohol Content | 6.9% by volume

Stone IPA India Pale Ale is a West Coast Style IPA, known for its bitter flavor. Similar to the Sierra Nevada Torpedo but not as bitter. Again, not a thirst quencher but a good alternative to red wine as this IPA can easily be paired with a most prime cut steaks.


Alcohol Content | 5% by volume

If you love sushi then chances are you’ve probably familiar with Asahi. For awhile my wife and I were obsessed with Ra Sushi, a Japanese fusion restaurant chain. For awhile this was our go to “Date Night” Sushi spot. I often opted for the well drinks because their specials were just too good to turn down. I started to notice others drinking beer that appeared to be in a Japanese branded bottle and that’s when curiosity kicked in. Once I tried this beer it immediately became one of my all-time favorites.


Alcohol Content | 4% by volume

Like Modelo, Victoria is a part of the Grupo Modelo family making it Mexico’s oldest beer brand. Victoria beer is my go to favorite as its a cross mix between a Corona and Pacifico. However, good luck finding it. Six packs are rare and are typically not found in your local markets or grocery stores. You’re most likely to find it in stores like BevMo or if your local store/market carries the Corona Cerveza Clasicas 12-pack. Trust me, if you see one, grab it and thank me later.

Clearly I left a ton of beers off this list, but these five beers keep me from standing in the beer aisle looking like I’m staring at a McDonald’s menu. If some of these intrigue you, give them a try. If you’ve already sampled some of these let me know in the comments below. I would love to hear what you think and while your at it, share your Top Five Beers!