Madden Franchise

I’ve been playing Madden pretty much my whole life, and now that football season is back, I figured now is the time to start my first madden nfl YouTube Web Series.

For those that don’t know, Madden NFL is a very popular video game among the sports and gaming community. The game features a Franchise Mode that gives gamers full control over their favorite NFL teams and offers users a long-term experience as an NFL Player, Coach, or Owner.

Since the New York Giants can’t seem to figure out how to gracefully replace Eli Manning, I decided to give them a little help. I am a Giants fan so it only made sense to create myself as the quarterback to become Eli Manning’s predecessor and lead the G-Men back to the Super Bowl.

This series started in Madden 19 as an experimental series that I would eventually carry over into Madden 20 once it releases. So if you’re interested in some authentic gameplay as I try to replace Eli Manning, rebuild the franchise, and lead the New York Giants back to the Super Bowl, checkout my Madden 19 YouTube Mini-Series and be on the lookout for Season Two.

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To watch Season One, click here.