Madden 19: Franchise Mode

Although I’ve been playing Madden pretty much my whole life, I just recently started playing Franchise Mode again; and since the New York Giants can’t seem to figure out how to replace Eli Manning, I decided to give them a little help.

No Time to Waste, So Let’s Jump Right in!

It’s Week 17 of the 2018 season and we’re sitting at 6-9 for the year. That’s right, I said we. For the veterans, at this point the season is pretty much over, but for us rookies it’s valuable playing time and experience.

We lost to the Cowboys earlier this season in Dallas 21-18. Now we’re home looking to tie the regular season series 1-1.

To follow more of my Madden NFL journey as I lead the G-Men back to the Super Bowl, checkout my YouTube Series: MADDEN 19 | QB 11: Rookie Season.

Michael Jereld

Podcast Host and aspiring Freelance Writer / Graphic Designer.