NBA 2K19 MyCareer: No Sound

So after spending what was left of my free time collecting screenshots and videos to use in the first episode of MyCAREER, I found out the hard way that unfortunately 2K Sports strips the audio from video captures.

At first I thought it was user error, but come to find out it wasn’t me. I took to the web, researched the topic, and even viewed other NBA 2K videos. I found out that other creators have used an external microphone to provide audio commentary or they used some could of sound card to capture the audio from their gaming consoles. The other popular option is to record gameplay on a PC; which nowadays has become the preferred platform of choice for gamers.

I mostly play NBA 2K on my PS4 console until I just recently started utilizing the PS4 Remote Share feature on my iMac.

So that means until I get my audio presentation figured out, MyCAREER journey through the NBA will be more of a YouTube Mini-Series featuring highlights and gameplay throughout my Rookie season.

Wish me luck.

Michael Jereld

Freelancer Writer / Editor / Graphic Designer / Podcast Host.

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