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Exercise & Sleep Consistency

This morning I weighed myself, and with no surprise, I’m pretty much at the weight I anticipated, especially since I hadn’t gone to the gym for the past month or so.

I recently took a break from the gym because I wasn’t getting enough sleep. And if you know anything about fitness, not getting enough sleep has a major effect on weight gain. So, improving my sleep consistency is my number one goal right now.

Plus, I knew getting more sleep would help put me in the right headspace. And having a clear headspace allows me to have a clear focus whenever I want to create content for my website and podcast.

For the most part, I feel like I’m on the right track, but I still have days where I feel guilty for not exercising at all. So for now, the goal is to sneak in small periods of exercise that won’t interfere with the main goal of maintaining consistent sleep.


One of the Bible plans I’m reading right now talks about expecting things to happen overnight. The passage encourages you to “plant seeds” for the things you want in life, give them to God, and let them harvest.

Now that’s not verbatim, but it’s the overall message I took away from the reading. Not to mention, it was something I definitely needed to hear. I feel like I have a great deal of patience, but I do have moments where my expectations are sometimes set too high.

Creating Content

Not only am I striving to maintain a healthier lifestyle, but I’m also trying to generate an organic following on social media to help increase traffic to my podcast and website.

I know as long as I keep the pedal to the metal, continue to follow the path that the Lord has paved for me, everything will fall into its place over time. But right now, the struggle is deciding what content to publish and when to publish it. However, creating content is something I’m passionate about, so I do my best not to get discouraged when I hit a rough patch. And let’s be honest. If being a Content Creator were easy, everyone would be doing it.

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