Hi, I’m MJ, and I am The Social Introvert.

Ok, so that was my little nod to Tony Stark and my “I am Iron Man” moment, but on a serious note, my name is Michael Jereld, but you can call me MJ. Most days, you can find me attempting to be the best husband and father I can be or exploring new ways to learn and perfect my craft as a digital creator. The thing I am most passionate about in life is continuing to uncover the path the Lord has paved for me while helping motivate and inspire others to follow their dreams to live happier healthier lives.

the social introvert (n.):

a digital magazine and podcast dedicated to highlighting inspirational stories, positive life experiences, and reactions to the latest sports, entertainment, lifestyle, and tech news.

Quick Facts

You Might Not Know …

  • I am a January baby, but hate the winter.
  • I was born and raised in Northern New Jersey, and have spent the last 10 years residing in Southern California.
  • I’ve been with my wife Sarah for eight years, married for four.
  • I am a father of two boys (Ezra & Jordan).
  • I was a three sport athlete. Basketball gave me confidence. Football made me tough. Baseball increased my focus.
  • I participated in college athletics on all three levels (Division I, II, and III).
  • I’ve worked many jobs in sales, retail, home improvement, coaching & counseling, hospitality, media operations, acting/modeling, nightclub promotion, finance, information technology, and content writing. Let’s just say I have a very diversified mind.
  • I was a movie extra in feature films Hancock and Notorious.
  • Addicted to sushi, but Mexican and Italian foods are my go to.
  • My Myers-Briggs Personality type is INFJ (introverted, intuitive, feeling, and judging). For the unfamiliar, INFJs are rare individuals who are intelligent, creative, insightful, gifted, and natural nurturers who are also patient, devoted, and protective of the important people in their lives.

What’s Inside …

Creative Writing

A series of blog posts, sharing my thoughts and ideas, plus a behind-the-scenes look at my creative process and journey through life as I navigate the world as an introverted content creator.


A diverse collection of magazine inspired stories, articles, and opinion pieces covering the latest sports, entertainment, lifestyle, and tech news. Plus product reviews, travel recommendations, what to watch, and more.


Join me as I expand to the podcasting world to share more inspirational stories and positive experiences + insightful reactions to the latest sports, entertainment, lifestyle, and tech news.

Graphic Design

A creative display of freelance graphic designs showcasing cover art concepts, logos, posters, stationery samples, mockups for social media, and more.

Mobile Photography

Photography is an art form that I have always admired, and with the advancements of smartphones, a renewed passion has allowed me to dive headfirst into the mobile photography movement.


Explore a collection of vlogs, candid confessionals, special edition podcast episodes, and sports gaming videos featuring highlights and gameplay.