Fashion & Style

In Focus

Not only do some of the coolest people in the world wear glasses but the so-called “Nerd” look is a trend that looks like its here to stay.

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March Madness

After watching the 1st and 2nd round of March Madness this past weekend, if there is one thing I learned, the future for the NBA looks bright.

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Knowledge is Power

If you didn’t know by now, LeBron James is doing big things away from the game of basketball. NBA Star LeBron James funds public school in Akron and I’m finally getting around to chiming in on  his I Promise School, which opened back in July of 2018.  Before I get into it though, I previously […]

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Happy New Year

Now that I’m forcing myself to recap 2018, I started to realize some pretty cool things to commemorate the year.

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Ever wondered if animals could talk?
What would they say? If you answered yes, then you MUST watch this show!

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This SoCal Life

It’s still pretty wild to me that its been 9 years since I traded the cold winters of New Jersey for the sunny beaches of Southern California.

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Apps & Games

Brain Games

Do your mornings get off to a slow start?  Hit a wall in the afternoon?  If you’re ever feeling a bit sluggish and need to get the ball rolling, I highly recommend these two apps that will surely wake the brain.

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