Shining light on inspirational stories and positive experiences, plus insightful reactions to the latest Sports, Entertainment, Lifestyle, and Tech news. 


Ep 42: Date Night The Social Introvert

Professional Stylist and ex-ABA Therapist Sarah Everett (MJ’s wife) joins the show as a special guest as the two embark on an untraditional date night discussing life, love, motherhood, and parenting during a pandemic lockdown.

About the Show

The Vision

The Social Introvert (podcast) is dedicated to becoming a reputable brand and source to consume authentic, personable, and relatable digital content. The vision is to create a fun, laid-back digital experience that pays homage to sports talk radio and late-night talk shows; while encouraging and inspiring others to follow their passions and dreams.

The Audience

The Social Introvert is not just a brand, it’s a persona. The idea of being “social” shouldn’t be dictated by follows or likes, but by shining more light on inspirational stories, encouraging others, and sharing valuable life experiences. So if you’re an introvert (or extrovert) that shares a similar belief, then this is the show for you.

The Dream

In 2018 a techie nerd-jock stumbled onto Anchor FM, and the rest was history. Host Michael Jereld dreamed of becoming a radio personality, but after a few failed attempts to break into the industry, that dream was put on hold. Fast forward several years later, podcasts have become modern-day radio, the sky is the limit for The Social Introvert.

New Episodes

Every other Tuesday @ 6pm

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Ep 41: After The Last Dance

A recap of the ESPN documentary, The Last Dance. Plus insight on the 1992 Dream Team, the evolution of Superteams, and the demise of NBA rivalries.

Episode 38: A Tribute to Kobe Bryant

A heart-warming tribute to the late Kobe Bryant revisiting memorable moments and achievements on and off the court.

Episode 33: Jay-Z Partners with NFL

MJ reacts to the NFL’s partnership with Billionaire Music mogul Jay-Z.

Meet the Host

Michael Jereld

Digital Creator, Sports Enthusiast, and Media Lover inspiring others through encouraging audio, creative short stories, editorials, design, and photography.

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  1. Greetings everyone! Thank you for leaving your comments and or feedback about the show. I really appreciate the support! As I continue to try and build credibility for my podcast, some comments below may be converted and showcased as testimonials on this website in the future. Thanks again for your support and for listening to the show!

    Peace, Love, and Happiness.




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