As defined, editorials are newspaper articles written by or on behalf of an Editor that gives an opinion on a topical issue. Back when I participated in high school sports I knew I was going […]


Most define design as an arrangement of lines or shapes created to form a pattern or decoration. If you ask me, Design can be defined in many ways. Design is all over the place. Wherever […]

Coming Soon…

I wanted to create a graphic design for an “Under Construction” landing page for visitors to see whenever I’m making changes to the website.

The BC Collection

The Business Card is a small card bearing business information about a company or individual usually containing one’s name, occupation, address, and other contact information.

The Logo Collection

Although logos play a huge part in establishing brand identity, it also allows companies to embed their own creativity and add a signature touch that allows them to connect with potential consumers.

Honeysuckle Farms

Sample concepts I designed for a contest held by a private company called Honeysuckle Farms.

Cover Art

Cover Art is a type of artwork presented as an illustration or photograph on the outside of a published product such as a book, magazine, newspaper, comic book, video game, DVD, CD, videotape, or music […]

Banana Co.

Sample visuals and designs for mock company dedicated to increasing awareness about the benefits of Bananas.